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Apologies for the disappearance!

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We are back yet again after I discovered this week on Tues (26th August) that the website had vanished! It was due to my not realising about domain hosting and website hosting and allowing an account to expire.  Now I'm a bit clearer on technical matters I will continue to build up this website and make sure it doesn't happen again.

I have been busy using social media, like so many of us.  Please remember we are on Twitter, Rustywolfsays, and follow us.  On Facebook we are J & S Cant so you can Like us on there, and also purchase from there as there is a link from Facebook to this Shopify storefront.  The other social media I am building up is Wolfpackmilitaria on Pinterest and again through Rich Pins you can view stock and link through to here to purchase.

Better get busy!

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