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A brief look at 'Fashion on the Ration' at the Imperial War Museum London

1940s CC41 Clothes rationing FashionontheRation IWM Make Do and Mend New Look Pretty Nostalgic

I was fortunate to go to the new exhibition at IWM London earlier this month as a Correspondent for 'Pretty Nostalgic', and I loved it! It's part of the IWM's anniversary celebrations of 70 years since the end of WW2, by looking at how fashion survived and even thrived during wartime, and it has a lot of relevance to today even if you don't wear the 1940's look. There was a lot to take in and I bought the book that goes with the exhibition so that I can read up later.  Basically the exhibition is divided into 6 sections:...

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Apologies for the disappearance!

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We are back yet again after I discovered this week on Tues (26th August) that the website had vanished! It was due to my not realising about domain hosting and website hosting and allowing an account to expire.  Now I'm a bit clearer on technical matters I will continue to build up this website and make sure it doesn't happen again. I have been busy using social media, like so many of us.  Please remember we are on Twitter, Rustywolfsays, and follow us.  On Facebook we are J & S Cant so you can Like us on there, and also...

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Post War & Peace Revival!

Cambridge market Operation Market Garden War & Peace Revival

We have done our 11th War & Peace, and the business and house slowly gets back to normal!Business was pretty good down in Kent, as usual we saw little of the events, displays or vehicles that make up the show, but we did experience the amazing thunderstorms on the Friday night as we stay in the marquee all day and all night!Now I have put a lot more stock on here, copying and pasting stock that was on the previous website.  I will then put on fresh stock and continue improvements of this website.We are now back at Cambridge market throughout August...

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We are back again!

Back again War & Peace Revival

Yes we have changed ecommerce provider to produce a better website for customers and one that is easier to maintain by us (that is me, Sarah).  Obviously at the moment we have just 6 items available for sale, that is because we have been busy getting ready for the War & Peace Revival that opens in a few days.  Once that is done and dusted (literally because we have to dust down our stock afterwards!) John will continue preparing stock and I will be putting it on here.  In the meantime please have a look around this site and let...

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